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The Depressing Tones of Eagles-Bills Post-game/Pre-game “Trash Talk”

Although it has rained pretty much every day on the East Coast since my last post on this site, it has somehow been unable to end the massive writing drought that Blog of Brotherly Love has seen. Well, I’ll pick up where I left off–with another great football-related dialogue. Find below an exchange, which speaks for itself, between one of my favorite Bills fans (who runs a brilliant site of his own) and myself this past Monday. Perfect lead-in to a few hour block during which we’ll see whose smidgeon of optimism can be shattered:

me: I was at both the Eagles game and Phillies game yesterday, worst day of my life
Bills fan: Haha oh shit what a terrible day
me: horrifying
  rough 14 hours at the sports complex
  at least the tailgate was good
Bills fan: Man, so glad upstate NY doesn’t have any other teams for me to give a shit about
  Couldn’t take a double hit like that
me: yeah
  it was a huge risk going in
  mood on the subway home could not have been more depressing
  i turned to my friend and said “Think about how all of this would be so much better if we just didn’t care about sports”
 Bills fan: Ugh
  I can’t even imagine the person I would be
 me: yea
 Bills fan: I’d have so much more optimism
 me: me too
  think about all the philly team disappointments that have shaped my identity
  so foolish but unavoidable
  well it’s bills-birds next week right?
  good for you, we are such shit
 Bills fan: I don’t know, looked like last year’s Bills this week
 me: I would say it’s dangerous for you because it is a bounce back must win game for us
  but that was yesterday for us too!
  and we were home
  and still looked awful
  so i’m convinced we are bad
 Bills fan: What’s their problem though?
 me: coaching
  is the biggest problem
  such a talented team
  used so improperly
 Bills fan: What’s that fat fuck doing wrong?
 me: both with regards to technical Xs and Os and also motivation
  starting with making his offensive line coach from last year our D coordinator this year
  he is retarded
 Bills fan: Haha that makes no sense
 me: the fat fuck is also atrocious in the draft
 Bills fan: Yeah I just saw your FB post
 me: yeah
  also atrocious
  they are not using Asomgha properly
 Bills fan: I don’t know who any of those people are
 me: the playcalling continues to be absurdly illogical
 Bills fan: Saw that, he’s in the wrong kind of coverage scheme
 me: McCoy came into yesterday as the leading rusher in NFC, he has been dynamite
  he wasn’t part of the gameplan at all
  he rushed the ball 8 or 9 times I think
 Bills fan: That’s never good
 me: we had a 20 point lead in the second half, yet Reid is passing on every play in the 4th
  not even making the Niners work against the clock!
 Bills fan: You’re making me feel so much better about this weekend
 me: not only did they come all the way back, but it wasn’t even up against the wire
  they did it with time to spare b/c Reid literally doesn’t even consider the time in the game as an important unit of measurement     that relates to a football game
 Bills fan: Haha
 me: we cannot score a TD in the red zone
  and he says every week we have to get better
  but he has no idea what to do
  he calls an option play from the 1 yard line
  Ronnie Brown actually tries to execute the play which never has any business of even being practiced, the result, another red       zone turnover
  of which we have sooo many in just 4 weeks
  and then Reid continues to have the nerve to be an arrogant prick to the media
  the ratio of arrogance to amount of success he’s had is a broken equation
  i’ll stop
  Come to Philly next week and watch the game with me here….
 Bills fan: Haha amazing rant
  and no way
  I can’t be around non-Bills fans during Bills games
 me: great comment
 Bills fan: Seriously
  We went to a non-Bills exclusive bar for the first time in awhile yesterday
  There wasn’t a single Bengals fan there
  But I was enraged and ready to fight the fans of other winning teams if they so much as looked at me
 me: hahaha
  so maybe it’s not a good idea
  but come to philly anyway sometime soon
  casino is walking distance now
 Bills fan: I’d def like to come before the cold really sets in
  I’ll talk to the guys about it
 me: good
  i’m gonna run
  catch ya later
 Bills fan: See ya
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  1. Ken W.
    November 18, 2011 at 3:44 pm

    The Big Piece my ass. They should call Ryan H The Big Piece o’ Sh*t. Hit .105 in the post season? WTF, I hear Lehigh is looking for a firstbaseman.

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